Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tony's Hot Hot! Hot Dogs

I'm not sure if the owner has a stutter or was just being cute, as the place was manned by a teenage girl holding court with her friends, who looked straight out of suburban thug central casting- the fat guy with holes in his shirt, a beard you can lose a rack of ribs in, and sandals; the shaved head guy with the beard, and the lanky guy in the hoodie. Before long, Joe Bag-o-donuts showed up with his elderly charge, which would have given Sopranos tourists at the nearby Holsten's ice cream shop- where the last episode ended- a bit of authentic Jersey flavor. The hot dog joint would too, but not the best of the area.
They don't top the Dover Grill but they make a decent dog if you load it will toppings. Milky created the bacon bits-cheese-chili-onions monstrosity pictured here... I had one with hot onions and sprinkled more crushed red pepper on it since the onions were weak. The fries were a bit underdone too. This is so close in proximity to Rutt's Hut in Clifton and J.R.'s hot dog truck that there's really no reason to go here unless you're stuck in traffic at the corner of Broad & Watchung in Bloomfield and feel a hankerin' for a hot dog. Not bad but nothing special. The loaded one tasted good but I imagine if the hotdog fell out and only the toppings remained, it would be nearly as good. So Tony... Buster Poindexter says you are not hot hot hot.

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