Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes falls down cliff, is mauled by lion and bear

Soul pioneer Isaac Hayes, who was sadly taken in by Scientology cult scammers in his later years, was found dead in his home near his treadmill. One can assume he had a heart attack while exercising. No matter his misguided beliefs, his award-winning music will never be tainted. The famous "Theme from Shaft" changed the face of Hollywood scores and the whole soundtrack is still an amazing album. Personally I prefer Hot Buttered Soul, another one of his great albums.

The man had talent, and before he was "Chef" on South Park, he was the Duke of New York, A number One, in the post-apocalyptic classic Escape from New York, one of the iconic films of the early '80s. Before that he was Truck Turner, in the blaxploitation classic; he also popped up in one of the early great Wayans comedies, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. It's a damn shame that later in life he was best known for leaving a show at the urging of money-grubbing cultists instead of for his great talents as a musician, and yes, even as a character actor.
RIP, Isaac- I'll throw your music on the stereo and try to remember the great art you shared with us. May your family be consoled for their loss, and I hope you didn't leave everything to the "church."

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