Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eis Bock and Keller Pilsner at this weekend's Ramstein Open House!

Great news: they will have the Eis Bock and Keller Pilsner this weekend at Ramstein brewery!
I'm definitely getting the Keller this time. Bring your growlers and beat the heat!

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From: ramsteinbeer@gmail.com

High Point Brewing Celebrates Christmas in August!

Join High Point Brewing Company on Saturday, August 9th for an open house with a twist -- Ramstein Eis Storm Eisbock on tap to help everyone cool off. Everyone does Christmas in July, but Christmas in August, now that's special!

We will also have Ramstein Golden Lager, Ramstein Keller Pilsner, and Ramstein Classic Dunkelweiss on tap. Bring your growlers ( we will also have growlers for sale), as most of these beers are not available in bottles. We also have glassware for sale.

We will be at Stoudt's on Saturday, August 23. For more info on 17th Annual Microfest - Benefit please visit:


We are happy to announce the debut of our new black t-shirts with a new "Get your hands on a blonde" design at Stoudt's. They will be available at the brewery after that weekend. For those of you waiting for a Ramstein hat, we will have them available at that time as well.

High Point Brewing Company, Inc.
22 Park Place
Butler, NJ 07405
Tel: 973-838-7400

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