Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cloverfield 2 viral washes up in Montauk

I hadn't heard about "the Montauk Monster" until recently; it's a fugly critter that washed up in Long Island in July. While it is most certainly the bloated corpse of a dead snub-nosed dog of some sort, it sure looks like a baby monster from Cloverfield, if you ask me.

Being immersed in water for long periods does horrible things, like strip a body of fur or skin. Then things start to look like critters preserved in formaldehyde. This looks like a boxer, or similar pug-nosed large dog. Without any objects to judge size, it is difficult to identify. Jeff Corwin thinks it's a dog.
Where it washed up has got the tinfoil hats talking- The Montauk Project is a long-held conspiracy theory that was even referenced on the X-Files. If you don't want to read the wikipedia page on it, here's the skinny- they think we tried time travel at a military base and a killer yeti thing came through the portal and destroyed the lab, and therefore this creature must be a displacer hound from Half-Life. There's one thing we can all agree on, it's a creepy damn corpse. Let's hope it ends up in a preserving jar somewhere.


sarah said...

looks like someone had fun with Photoshop to me....

Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like an owlbear said...

That would be the best viral ever. :)

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