Monday, July 28, 2008

Shia LaBeouf DUI - shitty drunk driver as well as shitty actor has cell phone pictures of Shia LeDouche's drunken car crash. Looks like "Mutt" Jones forgot he wasn't a stunt double and made a hard left turn in front of another car, and flipped his truck. Looks like his celeb status has saved his ass from DUI charges, since the Hollywood elite aren't subject to the same laws as you or I.

So if you didn't hate him for his whiny voice and pale Vince Vaughn meets Woody Allen imitation, you can hate him because he drives drunk. You can also hate him because he'll get away with it.

He's in surgery for a busted flipper, maybe he was hoping he'd get an iconic chin scar like Harrison Ford- who got his off the hard plastic steering wheel of a 60's Mustang, sliding off the road in the rain. Having had a '65 Stang ragtop myself, I can vouch for them being easy to slide off the road in the rain even while sober.
Shia apparently forgot this interview from a while back.

Three days before his 21st birthday, Shia LaBeouf has made a life-altering decision. From here on out, he's promised himself, no more mistakes. These days, as he sits perched at the edge of megastardom — and at a table at an outdoor café in Burbank — he can't afford to do the stupid things guys do when they have too much money and time on their hands. This year alone, LaBeouf has starring roles in no fewer than three big Hollywood pictures (showing his range by playing a voyeur, a penguin, and a robot-battling kid). And then there's that role Steven Spielberg just tossed his way — presumably as Indiana Jones' son. ''My life's got to be flawless,'' LaBeouf says, firing up a Parliament. ''It's pretty simple when you think about it: Just don't f--- up.''

Drugs, alcohol, fancy cars, mansions, and public displays of dumb fun of any kind are also forbidden. ''It could all go away tomorrow if I'm at a club drinking like an a--hole,'' warns LaBeouf, who drives a nondescript Nissan and lives in a two-bedroom house in the Valley. ''Someone like Lindsay Lohan's personality is [more] famous than her performance. You've got to maintain some mystery.'' But doesn't he worry that all work and no play might make Shia a dull boy? ''Part of me wants to go out and see my peers. But if I go to a club and get my picture in the press, then I am that young Hollywood a--hole. That would shatter my world.''

from here:,,20043390,00.html
And here's video of his fucked up truck.

Oh, and a mugshot of when he was drunk and wouldn't leave a drugstore last year, from the Smoking Gun.
Drunken DUI douche.


Nancy said...

The most part the underlying sentiment has been one of support for Shia. Most fans seem to disappointed by the fact that he chose to drink and drive, but also confident that he will learn from this mistake, as well as relieved that no one was seriously injured in the accident.


tommy salami said...

To imagine that in this day and age that someone has to "learn" not to drive drunk is frankly idiotic; and by supporting someone who could afford a cab anytime, anywhere, when he puts other's lives at risk shows a distressing lack of principles. Buy hey he's cute right?

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