Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hellboy on Inside the Actor's Studio

I'm all psyched up for the new Hellboy movie coming out on July 11th. James Lipton has shown to be a good sport before, but this is a great little advertisement for the movie. Hopefully the DVD will have a full interview.


Cinexcellence said...

Haha, that's awesome.

flyinsaucier said...

I doubt I'll be seeing Hellboy 2 anytime soon. It looks interesting, but so did the first one. And I walked out of Hellboy after about 30 minutes.

tommy salami said...

Not sure why you'd walk out. The beginning was a little slow, but no slower than Batman Begins. Hellboy is lighter fare... why so serious?

Rob L. said...

Remind me sometime to tell you about how I nearly injured James Lipton severely.

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