Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Best Mac & Cheese Ever

We went to Les Halles downtown again recently. This time I had the aged Gruyere mac 'n cheese. As a lover of Gruyere cheese, this was simply amazing. It's a bit filling, so share it and a bucket of their awesome mussels with someone. One caveat with the menu- the fish 'n chips. For shame, Tony- they served potato chips. I don't care if they do that in Paris, but you should be serving your famous fries (er, frites) with it! In Paris, Monsieur Pluque never ordered fish 'n chips.

A small complaint. The mac 'n cheese crust was so good that if there was a ribbon of it around the equator, I'd still be eating it like Wimpy following a line of hamburgers, somewhere in Africa. (Making me an equatorial guinea, ha ha!)

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