Thursday, July 10, 2008

Andrew Vachss - Another Life, the last Burke novel

Well, it looks like we'll be seeing the end of Burke- or at least his story. Warrior-lawyer-author Andrew Vachss is ending the series this year with Another Life, to be released at the end of this year. Fans will miss Burke, and I'll miss Vachss's vitriolic asides against New York City during and after Guiliani's reign.

Here's an announcement from Vachss's website, including an excerpt from the book:

Another Life, a Burke Novel by Andrew Vachss Another Life is the end of a journey that began with Flood, Andrew Vachss' first novel featuring career criminal Burke and his Family of Choice. "I didn't set out to write a series. Who but a terminal narcissist would?" the author says of his 1985 debut. But twenty-three years--and seventeen Burke novels--later, Andrew Vachss is finally bringing down the curtain on a series that has been described as "urban nightmares" by Publishers Weekly, and "strong, gritty, gut-bucket stuff" by the Chicago Tribune. Anyone who has felt a part of the family that includes recurring series characters Max, the Mole, Michelle, the Prof, Terry, Clarence, and Mama--characters the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says "are as sharply defined as if they were etched in steel"--will want to be there for the end of the journey, as best-selling, award- winning author Andrew Vachss ties up the loose ends, and sends his Family of Choice off to ... Another Life.

Click here to read text from Another Life.

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