Thursday, June 5, 2008

Little Village Noodle House

Our first night in Honolulu began with some really good food in their diminutive Chinatown. It's only a block long, sort of like shrinking Little Italy in New York, but if you like less Americanized Chinese food, Little Village Noodle House is the place to go here.

Courtney and Dave picked us up at the airport and then we followed them here in our rented Pontiac G6. We had a rainshower to contend with, so pardon the lack of photos. Parking is at a premium and cars get broken into a lot here in Hawaii- getting back some from the haoles who stole their land and turned it into Orlando- so we tossed the cars in a parking deck. For $1.50, that was heaven compared to NYC.

The Noodle House is a decent sized place with an open kitchen, a blackboard announcing specials, and old Chinese women scampering between the cramped tables taking orders, delivering hotpots, and chattering the whole time. It's lively and casual. In chinos and a Polo shirt I was very overdressed for Honolulu, and I won't make that mistake again.

It was a busy night and our orders got mixed up, but the food, when it came, was quite delicious. We ordered pot stickers aka fried dumplings, which were chicken and scallion inside; tangy and tasty with a sweet light sauce. Firecracker had shrimp won ton lo mein, which was more like shrimp shumai dumplings in ramen noodles with greens and a good broth. Courtney had the best dish of the night- shrimp in honey walnut sauce, which was delicious.

I opted for a special on the blackboard, Pork bellies in Capital sauce. Pork belly is the big thing in NYC now; anything fatty and decadent is big, like roasted marrow bones and whatnot. While this was prepared in a straightforward manner with a sweet BBQ-style sauce on top, with crinkle cut fries, it certainly satisfied the belly and the palate. The pork was tasty and tender, with the buttery layers of fat in between making it even richer. The pig truly is a magical animal, and they know how to prepare it here.

We were tired from our flight, so desserts like the Pink Panther went untried. This is where Courtney & Dave's favorite bars are, so maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Hawaii Blog #1- Success!!!!!

We are all riding high on your ravenous reviews with your rowdy sidekick, firecracker. Keep us posted back here at the ranch!

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