Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cure vs. MechaStreisand at Radio City

The Cure played Radio City last night, and Firecracker took me for my birthday. I like their music but I couldn't name a lot of the songs- though I'm glad they played my favorite, "In Between Days." It was a great, 3 hour show. It's often best to see a tour at the beginning or the end, and this was the tail end of the U.S. tour, so they went all out.

65 Days of Static opened for them, but we only caught the end of one noisy electronic song, which was pretty cool. We had a nice view from the mezzanine. From my perch, I realized that Robert Smith looks like Edward Scissorhands. He had on a shirt with sleeves that were too long and flapping around when he wasn't playing guitar, probably to hide the scissors. Either that or his mecha wings for when he had to defeat MechaStreisand earlier that day.

Smith also climbed up both sides of the extended stage, and security had to run up, because it wasn't planned. He went so far up the spotlight couldn't follow him. Quite the showman, though the closer he got in his all-black baggy outfit with his Dylan meets Einstein hair and black eyeliner, he looked like a reanimated Raggedy Emo coming to get you. Since my videos suck, here's video from the same show of them playing Lullaby.

They put on a great, energetic show with 3 encores, for 3 hours straight. Most of our favorites came at the end, "Just Like Heaven," and "Boys Don't Cry." I was very surprised that encore #2 included the first song of theirs I'd ever heard, "Killing an Arab." It's about the Albert Camus book, The Stranger, absurd existentialism that I read in high school. A fellow weirdo named Colin, who like me walked around wearing torn fatigues looking like Columbine waiting to happen, introduced me to the Cure when he saw me reading the book for Ms. Stolfi's Great Books class.

My crappy video of them playing it.

Part of me thought that they'd never play it for the un-PC title and chorus, but also they seemed to concentrate on their late 80's era. I was pleasantly surprised. They're a real audience-pleasing band, I can't remember the last concert I went to that went on for 3 hours with one band. Tom Waits did it at the State Theater in Minneapolis back in '98 or so. The Police have been putting on a long show during their reunion tours. Great band, great tour.

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