Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cheeseburgers for Breakfast

They didn't have to tell me twice.

Like Belushi's Little Chocolate Donuts, they are the Breakfast of Champions. The Moco Loco is a Hawaiian breakfast worthy of the title. Like huevos rancheros, it's a hearty morning meal. We had ours at a touristy joint called Waikiki Burger before we hiked Diamond Head crater.
Boobies for breakfast are the only thing better.

First you take some sticky rice and then you put a cooked hamburger patty on top. Then you top that with two eggs any style; I went for over easy, since nothing says "healthy breakfast" like egg yolk on ground beef. Then they smother it with a sweet onion gravy. Of course it is garnished with fresh pineapple and a little umbrella at the tourist joint. But it still energizes you for a long uphill hike.
We call it the Good Morning Burger... *drool*

Our waiter had a hula skirt on and it made me think of poor Judge Rheinhold in Fast Times with his pirate outfit. I had two glasses of pineapple juice to wash it down, since it helps inflammation, and I felt like I'd been horsewhipped after the sunburn settled in. Firecracker had some smothered hash browns- potato strings smothered in cheese and bacon. Quite good, but nothing beats a cheeseburger for breakfast. Two of my favorite meals in one.

Sometimes a tourist trap has decent fare.


Anonymous said...

Psssst...hey brah, call it loco moco! And next time just order a "heart attack special with scrambled eggs and fried rice". You'll get yer moco but a little more gusto!

Enjoying your coverage of the Islands. Looks like you had fun.


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