Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brooklyn Brewery Jazz Bar at Newark Airport

If you're in Newark airport and like good beer, this is the place to go. There's an Irish pub in terminal C that has Smithwick's and Guinness, but if you like microbrews only this bar will sate you.

Prepare for airport prices- $8 for an Imperial pint- but the fresh draught Brooklyn Brewery beers are well worth it. They have their lager, Brown Ale, Pennant Ale, Pale ale, and Brooklyner Weisse on tap.
We had the brown and weisse, and a chicken quesadilla that we could choke down. A burger might be a better choice.

The bar is in Terminal C at gate 124, so if you're there waiting for a plane grab a good brew so you're pleasant and giddy company on your flight.


Andy C. said...

I am in your debt, sir. I've got a layover at Newark next month, and now I know right where I'll head when I get off the plane.

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