Monday, June 2, 2008

Alexander Hamilton gets a high-rise

Okay maybe not, but this photo Firecracker sent me shows Hamilton's mansion above the church next door. Unfortunately (sort of) we won't be around when it's moved to street level and then around the corner to its new spot in the park. We'll be in Hawaii, either being harried by sharks on a snorkeling expedition, falling off our horses into gaping maws of volcanic craters, chased by gangs of angry Samoans shouting "haole go home!" or choking to death on spam musibi and umbrellas in our Mai Tais.

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.


sarah said...

its at street level right now - well like 10 feet off the ground. Ill try to remember to take a picture when im headed out of town.

Who needs to see a house moved when the get throw their boyfriend into a volcano!?

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