Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Watchmen photo leak #2

Another photo leaked from Zack Snyder's production of Watchmen, the adaptation of the ground-breaking graphic novel by Alan Moore. This one shows that they don't seem to be ignoring at least one subplot, that of the original old-school heroes. It came from AICN.

Alan Moore's other works have been adapted with varying success; the terrible League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and the good V for Vendetta. Both inspired huge amounts of internet nerd rage; I can see League being torn apart, since it changed the plot and characters so much, and added some of its own for broader appeal. V for Vendetta also veered from the original in some ways, but I felt it worked well. From Hell was alright, but I found it kind of boring. Moore hates all the Hollywood adaptations, but according to wikipedia, "Moore is a practising magician who worships a Roman snake deity named Glycon," so take that as you wilt.

Watchmen is using the original comics as storyboards, so we can at least expect it to visually resemble the graphic novel. I liked Snyder's adaptation of 300- whatever flaws it has arise from the puerile source material. Which I liked, anyway. Sometimes you need history rewritten for 13 year olds, it makes for fine entertainment. Watchmen keeps looking like it will be great, but the worst thing to do with a big movie is to follow it closely on the internet and build your hopes up so high that they can never be satisfied.


Rob L. said...

Glycon, eh? There's something I never knew. Although it did seem clear that Mr. Moore is completely batshit crazy, so why should we be surprised?

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