Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Venture Bros. t-shirt club

This is sort of the nerdiest thing ever, but I really like the super secret Brock Samson shirt you get if you subscribe. Not worth $250 to me, though, but I'm sure some Venture Brothers fans will go for it. I have an older Samson shirt where he's eviscerating an alligator, so that will have to do.

The new season starts June 1st- confirmed on my DVR, hooray. So remember, if there's an episode you especially enjoy, check the AstroBase Go! website to see if they made a related shirt for it that week. Then you can be King Nerd at the Starbucks that week.

It's too bad the Brock shirt is exclusive, it would go well with my Cobra Kai dojo shirt. They were the bad guys from Karate Kid. That's about as nerdy as I get, and I've only worn it to my mixed-martial arts class, as a goof.

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