Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sue Simmons Swears by the Seashore

NBC anchor Sue Simmons dropped the F-bomb live TV the other night.

It's actually pretty funny, and I wonder what happened to make her say it. The Gothamist has a few links to other mishaps like falling out of a chair, and the last time someone got fired for saying "fuck" on TV. I doubt Simmons will be fired, nor do I think she should be.

Hell, she has much better composure than Bill O'Reilly, who flipped out over the term "play us out." From the hair it looks pretty old, but he's still a nasty S.O.B. on the air. I was sorely upset when Colbert had him on the show and he pussyfooted around him and kissed his ass. He's the king of TV douchebaggery.

As far as I'm concerned the FCC should forget the decency crap. I wanna watch It's the Motherfuckin' News, You Broke-Dick Egg-Sucking Dog! as read by incontinent crazy old men from their porches with shotguns across their laps.


sarah said...

the video doesnt play anymore. looks like someone snatched it off the internet quick.

the bill oreilly one plays. wow - take your midol bill.

tommy salami said...

The link off the Gothamist still works. Working on fixing my video.

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