Friday, May 23, 2008

A Collective Squeal Echoed Across Manhattan

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy was last night. I'd never watched the show before, but Firecracker missed it to watch Indiana Jones and the Shark-Jumping Directors last night, so I sat and blogged my nerdrage while she watched it.

Not a bad show. I enjoyed the subplot about the idiot kid encased in concrete the most- technical stuff, of course. Guy fodder. They stuffed in some Star Wars references to keep guys from groaning. The drama wasn't bad. I liked the bit with Amy Madigan as the shrink, talking to the surgeon.

The ending, where McDreamy meets the surgeon broad on the hilltop he wants to build a house upon, and kisses her, was suitably romantic for the gals who worship this show. I can tell because a collective squeal echoed up the canyons of Manhattan and was even heard up here in Hamilton Heights. Alexander Hamilton's mansion, raised up in prep for moving, teetered on its supports as their high-pitched keening was absorbed into the atmosphere.

It's not my kind of show- if I gotta watch doctors, it'll be Scrubs- but there are worse things to be trapped on a couch in front of. At least it wasn't American Idol.


sarah said...

you just HAD to tease me about my girly show huh? and yes he's right - i did squeal. :)

tommy salami said...

Just a little teasing. It's a good show. I think I squeal whenever Locke throws his knife at somebody.

Rob L. said...

Dude, Catherine Heigel and Sandra Oh are hot.

Plus that chick who likes George.

Are they still on the show?

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