Tuesday, April 1, 2008

America, Fuck Yeah!

I had a job in Manhattan on 9/11, and while I think radical Islam (and any other 14th century belief system) is going to be a problem to us folks living in the 21st century, some of us go a little too far... Personally I like the placement of the Statue of Liberty above the slogan in blood, "Build More Gitmos!" with a complete absence of irony. Apparently he is also proud to be an infidel.

That's Pig Latin for I do not like Islam, if you didn't take it in high school.

Peace the old fashioned way. Thank goodness we've never endured a real invasion and the terror of bombing like those pussies in Europe and Asia have. Perhaps if we did, we'd have less of a taste for war.
He is also a Crusader, and goes to that old favorite, love it or leave it. In fact, I love it enough to wish we spent that $1.2 trillion on fixing bridges and shoring up the economy, but that's commie talk.
God Bless the 2nd amendment! I can agree with that, as long as we include the other 26 of them. Or at least the first 10, especially that first one. I can do without the 16th or 18th. The fake bullet holes all over the car are classy. I've never understood those. Maybe he wishes someone would shoot at him so he could shoot back. There's a 1st Cavalry insignia so maybe he served at some point, or just wishes he did.

Now I respect our military men and women. But until we're invaded I'm not going to thank them for the fact that I'm speaking English and not Swahili or German, or for the Bill of Rights. Those were secured by the militia, which as a raving psychotic libertarian, I define as joe schmoe with his musket or the modern equivalent.

I think it is a uniquely American right to plaster your vehicle with platitudes defining your each and every belief, so people can guess why you can't park for shit, or why you're doing 50mph in the passing lane, you moronic Nader-voting douche with an honor student at diddlyfuck middle school! I will defend it to the death, using that most American of guns, the .45cal 1911.
And freedom is not free (it costs a buck oh five). Its cost is eternal vigilance. And we've been snoozing. For fuck's sake, vote this November, for anyone. If you don't care, vote for the Legalize Marijuana guy, or some other loony who'll never make it. The more of us who vote, the less likely the corrupt whoremongering politician scum will assume they can get away with anything.

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