Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape

No, I don't have it. I don't have $1.5 million to see my favorite tragic starlet swallow Presidential pork sword. Besides, if it really exists, how long before you see it on youtube?

The story is, a Marilyn fanatic bought it from the son of a dead FBI informant, who passed it to J. Edgar Hoover's Feds. Ol' Edgar hated the Kennedys and wanted to have something on them, so why not footage of the best known Presidential conquest? It all smacks of urban legend, and the newsbreaker also has a documentary coming out, Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive. If you listen to Keya Morgan's interviews he says this is the tape Joe DiMaggio tried to buy it back in the day for $25,000. He was rebuffed. Now that's a lot of scratch for the 50's, but you'd think he'd bid higher and get the thing.

A New York businessman bought the tape, and claims he is keeping it from the public to protect the poor girl's image. Now, I'm a fan of Monroe and find her story tragic, but do you really think a 15 minute tape of her blowing a guy is going to besmirch her already tarnished rep? On the other hand, it's the ultimate sleazy trophy for a rich, powerful Marilyn Monroe fan.
From CBS:
Declassified FBI documents dated three years after Monroe's 1962 death say the film was a "French-type" movie that depicted Monroe in "unnatural acts with an unknown male."
According to the story, the tape was known to the FBI and Hoover had people who knew what JFK and RFK's dongs looked like try to identify them. The shots are only from neck down, and apparently the lucky fellow is wearing a suit. Unnatural acts? Thankfully we've come a long way from the 50's.

It's been decried as a hoax because of the difficulty of filming back then. Before Super-8 and all. But then again, people in Marilyn's circle would have had access to pro equipment, and she certainly attracted the kind of powerful man who'd want a trophy of this sort. Then again, who wouldn't? A friend of mine knows someone who knocked boots with Lacey Underall from Caddyshack. He's a true American hero whenever that classic shows on cable. So I guess that made the mystery man a king every time a skirt blew up on a subway grate, or someone sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President."


Rob L. said...

Thank you for linking to the network I work for.

Now, if M.M. had answered the phone in the middle of her unnatural act, then *that* would be something.

tommy salami said...

Apparently her identity is verified, but the proprietor of the popsicle is the puzzle. Maybe if he got a phone call, and answered "yes, room service, we ordahed the chowdah!" it would be the smoking gun.

Peter Dell'Orto said...

Marilyn Monroe having sex? On camera? Unthinkable! She'd never do something like pose nude or get filmed or have sex.

I'm sure it's real. It better be for $1.5 million. It's not like video equipment was that scarce...she wasn't poor or unknown, she was a fabulously famous star at the peak of her career and hobnobbed with Hollywood celebs and the President of the US. Yeah, be really hard for them to find a video camera.

tommy salami said...

They didn't have videocameras back in the 50's dude :)

Super 8mm wasn't around til the 60's. It would probably be an old b/w hand-crank camera on a tripod, something a rich enthusiast might have.

And you just gave a new meaning to "hob nob"

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