Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bacon Dogs Declared Illegal! Los Angeles, sort of.

They have strict rules about the public sale of bacon out there. They declare bacon a potentially harmful food, despite not having any numbers on how many people have gotten sick from bacon dogs, or street food in general. They're demanding that bacon dog vendors buy a $26,000 cart that has 3 sinks so you can wash, rinse and sterilize the utensils separately. If you've ever gone over the list of possible violations in the health code, or viewed the website that lets you view NYC restaurant violations, you know that even the most pristine kitchens have violations and some of them make little sense.

Drew Carey does a quick investigative report on the bacon dog situation in Los Angeles, and how the small unlicensed cart vendors who work out of shopping carts are ignored by the inspectors, who go after the licensed trucks who try to compete with them. It's a damn shame and the bacon dog should be a universal right, even for those unfortunate enough to live in Los Angeles.

Thankfully they are still plentiful and legal at Crif Dogs (reviewed here), and hopefully they are sold at the Red Hook soccer fields alongside huaraches. This blogger will definitely be visiting there this summer to find out.

If Drew Carey is too fat to fit on your screen, click here.

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