Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer or Swallows?

Spitzer is Linked to Prostitution Ring

I thought only Republicans paid for it?

Looks like NY Governor Spitzer got caught calling a callgirl. Pity, I
had hopes for the guy- reformer on a crusader ticket making the
corporations actually follow the law.

I guess he didn't scratch the right backs. Or maybe he's just a whoremaster.


Rob L. said...

Don't look at me. I voted for McGreevy.
Howard Stern is going to be awesome tomorrow!

Peter Dell'Orto said...

No man, Republicans and Democrats both pay for it. It's just that Republicans don't resign afterwards, they apologize or deny it and keep their jobs. Even when they plead guilty! Democrats don't seem to have the knack.

Tommy Salami said...

Well, here's hoping he doesn't resign, he's been decent.

Peter Dell'Orto said...

He's out, as of today. Some really bizarre comments in the press, him have sex with prostitutes invalidates any of the charges of stock-price fixing on Wall Street.

My favorite was one guy said "What does one do with a $5500 prostitute?" Uh, did you miss health class?

Tommy Salami said...

Yep. There's more than the prostitute now, he may hhave laundered money to cover his tracks for $80k worth of poontang.
Though apparently there is the possibility that this wiretap and prosecution have Republican fingerprints all over them:

Peter Dell'Orto said...

Bwahahaha, it's revenge for when Spitzer went after the Republicans earlier.

It's late Republican Rome all over again. Soon, we'll hand control over to a triumphantly returning general and have an Imperium.

I do have to say I don't have $4300 to pay for her, but the woman he got was pretty hot. He's morally one up on the guy emailing pages in Congress (Foley, R-Lech), but even with that guy with the $90,000 in his freezer (Jefferson, D-Liar).

Tommy Salami said...

In the end, no one likes a self-righteous prick. His replacement seems well-liked, though I wouldn't expect politicians to bad-mouth a legally blind black man to the press.
He'll be the Senator Codey this time, sitting pretty only to be replaced by a Corzine-style idiot in a year or two.

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