Friday, March 21, 2008

Laughs at the Komedy Kabin (not the Ha-Ha Hole)

Mr. Funny Man Adam Wilson

Last night I decided to forgo Lost and came into town to see Adam's show, the Tommy Danger Comedy Hour, at the Kabin in the Lower East Side. Beforehand, Firecracker I ate at Gandhi around the corner, a decent Indian place. I had fiery vegetable vindaloo that is still traumatizing me. Like a divorce. Katie showed up later and on the way out she pointed us to Mara's Homemade, a little Cajun seafood/Arkansas BBQ place with 3 different Abita beers on tap, and oysters, shrimp and crawfish flown in 3 times a week from Louisiana. We suddenly regretted having Indian food, and had a few beers there while we chatted up the owner.
The sign of sweet treasure.

The Kabin is a decent bar with a good selection- they had Weihanstephaner Hefe-Weiss on tap, and Ramstein Classic in bottles, but they were out. They also had Delirium Tremens, the aptly named 9.5% alcohol Belgian triple. The jukebox was playing "Fiesta" by the Pogues, and I had my Pogues shirt on from the concert the other night, so the barmaid gave me a free shot of Jameson after we talked about the band. Her name was Michelle, and I was warned about her temper previously. I forgot, and that would later be my undoing.
Forgot your name but you were very funny.

The comedians were pretty good all around; some were aided by our drinking earlier. The venue is pretty tight, just couches and sofas very close to the mike stand, so heckling was inevitable; thankfully it was kept to a minimum, except for some guy with horrific maroon paisley pants. Adam would point them out later.
Sean ended the set.

The Tommy Danger Comedy Hour is a good place to be on a Thursday night at 9, the guys are funny and the bar is comfy, has a good selection and decent prices, plus a happy hour that covers top shelf liquor, so even if the comics are having an off night they'll be funny. Dinner at Mara's homemade around the corner would make it a full and enjoyable evening on the town for all and sundry.
Mr. Schneider the Easy Rider and his Famous pants.

One thing to be mentioned, do not fuck with the deer head and piss off Michelle. I bought her a shot to smooth things over.
Not as funny as I think I am.


sarah said...

paisley man was such a douche bag. I was secretly hoping he'd grab my ass and you'd punch him. :)

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