Sunday, February 17, 2008

They Hate Us For Our Freedom

I just heard on the radio that the Republicans are walking out in protest of the FISA regulations expiring. That's the domestic spying law that let's the government spy on all internet and phone traffic,
whether you're a suspect or not, to put it simply.

Apparently their strategy in the war on terror is that if they hate us for our freedom, we should give up those freedoms so they won't hate us.

I was working in Manhattan that day and I want us protected too, but I'd rather see border and port security strengthened before we gut the Constitution and let the geniuses who ignored warnings about guys who wanted flying lessons without landing, and who still haven't found the anthrax killer, carte blanche to read my emails and listen to my phone calls.

As usual the Democrats aren't much help on this, they are content to be the whipping boy. After stabbing Howard Dean in the back I can't wait to see what they do to Barack Hussein Obama when the Republicans get nasty in the Presidential race this year. Its amazing that when the economy is in the shitter (coincidentally where this blog is often written), we reacted to Katrina worse than Indonesia did to the tsunami, Iraq is looking to be a terrorist factory for the next hundred years and beyond Vietnam to be the next Korea, and the Dems are still spouting platitudes instead of going on the attack. I guess their balls are stored in a vault somewhere next to Alan Alda's.

At this point I'll take HilaryCare and live in her Stepford Village, at least I can see my tax dollar$ siphoned to their buddies for a good cause. Either way you have to eat a turd sandwich, you might as well reach for the organic Fair Trade certified one made with whole grain bread and no trans fats. You can pretend it tastes better.

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