Friday, February 22, 2008

Stranded at the Airport, Branded a Dork

What will they say, next day at work?I just saw a snow-covered 747 taxi by on a plowed runway. First time for that. First delay was just announced, from an original 8:55am to 9:33am. We'll see about that. I took a cab to the airport because the ol' Mustang and 6 inches of snow don't get along so well anymore. I never got stuck in Minnesota, but they actually plow the roads there. My cul de sac (or colder sack, if ya know what I mean! Shrinkage! It's cold out there. Like a frightened turtle) gets plowed as often as a whore with "HERPES?" tattooed across her forehead- last one to get it, and even then it's a gamble. The cabbie didn't know shit about driving in snow, and it took three tries to get up our hill, sometimes sideways. He couldn't get the concept of "slow and steady" through his skull. We made it and I gave him a $10 tip for his trouble.

I heard some boarding calls for other flights, so it looks like if you have a plane at your gate, you're on time. The runways are plowed and the de-icing is in progress. We don't have a plane, so I'm on the laptop. I'm gonna conserve batteries in case I'm stuck here a while. I have a few books, a bottle of water, and the will to survive. If we resort to cannibalism, I assure you I'll be one of the Donners who made it out.

Here's a photo of the snow out there.

Well, there's a plane at our gate now and the delay is 10:30am as of now. Radio reports are saying 5 hour delays. I hear people boarding but I don't know if anyone is taking off. It's silly to load the plane if you can't take off, but stranger things have been done by airlines.

Mein gott! Ein planeschnicken!


sarah said...

was this blog sponsored by HSBC?

sarah said...

all the ramp thingys say HSBC.

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