Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Gay Founding Father and the Goth Shortbus

I can say unequivocally, even though he died in a duel, that Alexander Hamilton was our gayest Founding Father. Just look at that walk. Even the people on the sign are looking askance at his prancing, and scurrying aside. The statue is from Hamilton Grange in Harlem, the site of Hamilton's family estate. More proof that he's gay, he was gentrifying a neighborhood way before its time. You can't get into the house despite it being a National Park because it's dilapidated and being moved to Nicholas Park a few blocks away, also land that the Fay Father owned back during his glory days. They plan on moving it in March of this year, and if you read the link it was moved once before in 1889, so no big historical deal, and it's still in Harlem, and cannot be considered white flight.

Riiide... the goth short bus! Sing it.

We saw this on the Garden State Parkway headed north on Sunday, no doubt planning to tailgate the Cure concert this summer. They're playing at the Garden in June. I'll have to dig up my spiky leather jacket and have Sarah put some eyeliner on me.
It's either goths or Very Special Ops.


tommy salami said...

That was idiotic, he was never President, just Secretary of the Treasury. He also led a cannon regiment during the Revolutionary War, but was unfortunately the leading Federalist and his people won out in the end.

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