Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Sushi Police, are inside of my head...

From this London Times article.

Soon you will know if your wasabi was grated on shark skin from the root or if it's the dyed stuff from a tube, and whether the uni will be fresh enough to be worth trying.

Japanese officials are offering a Michelin-star like service to rate the authenticity of Japanese restaurants in other countries. Not coming to New York yet, but this year it will arrive in Los Angeles, so they get snob rights first.

The seal’s design, displayed yesterday, resembles a coat of arms, with chopsticks, a Rising Sun background and the petal of a cherry blossom. The award will go to restaurants that meet five criteria of authenticity and can show that they have mastered the classics of Japanese cuisine.

No news yet on what the "5 criteria" will be, or if you will have to follow the rules of "How to Eat Sushi," if they will raid the cupboards looking for forks or look down their noses at rolls with eel and peanut butter like they have at Ginger.

And unfortunately the best I can find of Apu from the Simpsons singing "Dream Police" is a sound clip, not a video.


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